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Crypto faucets are online platforms that offer a simple and convenient way for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency.

Paid To Click

Paid to visit websites is a popular method of earning money by getting paid for visiting and interacting with websites.


Shortlinks refers to a method of generating income online by using shortened URLs.


Earning with offerwalls is a popular method of making money online by completing various offers tasks and surveys.


Challenge is a system where users receive incentives or rewards for successfully completing specific assignments or goals.

Daily Coupon

A daily Coupon reward is a special incentive that is offered to users on a daily basis.


Our platform offers support for PTC (Paid-to-Click) ads, including Window Ad and Iframe Ad formats.


Take advantage of our Voucher system to receive discounts when placing orders for PTC Ads.

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# Username Address Method Amount Date
5449 Evgeshka 1JgK3iqPrTi*********** 0.041351 USD ✓3 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
5448 anita3265 narges.******* 0.022012 USD ✓4 Hours, 16 Minutes ago
5447 Rafael79 141A1WR51ZV*********** 0.1193 USD ✓5 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
5446 didas didas201******** 0.056594 USD ✓5 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
5445 Behnam1987 behnaam.******** 0.027934 USD ✓6 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
5444 elibrasil barrose******* 0.02242 USD ✓7 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
5443 allaxe MUA1dFVRaiJ*********** 0.2 USD ✓8 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
5442 blibli ltc1qhtrw4y8hy************** 0.4232 USD ✓8 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
5441 Azgar85 azgarl****** 0.0222 USD ✓8 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
5440 Granat MRDAch7Khew*********** 0.232799 USD ✓8 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
5439 Wahyu10 ltc1qcnfd7x503************** 0.03 USD ✓9 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
5438 vietthao84 Vquoc***** 0.020307 USD ✓10 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
5437 Dani234 hamdani******* 0.020001 USD ✓11 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
5436 Agans Peaceag******* 0.032861 USD ✓11 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
5435 Ismael017 3QhmhTeQuGn*********** 0.02 USD ✓11 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
5434 Vallery06 8xxhNEmZrYjEV6************** 0.038166 USD ✓11 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
5433 pdavidal2 0xeE699Dc11d72************** 0.020283 USD ✓11 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
5432 Kayodeadido kayodea******* 0.045805 USD ✓11 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
5431 kid210862 3Q94WRU6yww*********** 0.025 USD ✓11 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
5430 Tihe TXA2TgeLAEp*********** 0.109 USD ✓12 Hours, 2 Minutes ago

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Is It Free?

It is completely free. we will never ask you to add funds or buy anything.

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, is available in every country for free.

Can I create multi accounts?

No, it is not allowed. Only 1 account per household is allowed.

Can I use VPN or Proxy?

No, it is not allowed to login or do anything using VPN or Proxy.