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Crypto faucets are online platforms that offer a simple and convenient way for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency.

Paid To Click

Paid to visit websites is a popular method of earning money by getting paid for visiting and interacting with websites.


Shortlinks refers to a method of generating income online by using shortened URLs.


Earning with offerwalls is a popular method of making money online by completing various offers tasks and surveys.


Challenge is a system where users receive incentives or rewards for successfully completing specific assignments or goals.

Daily Coupon

A daily Coupon reward is a special incentive that is offered to users on a daily basis.


Our platform offers support for PTC (Paid-to-Click) ads, including Window Ad and Iframe Ad formats.


Take advantage of our Voucher system to receive discounts when placing orders for PTC Ads.

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# Username Address Method Amount Date
8875 Akshayarjun 1EznY81aK1U*********** 0.038012 USD ✓23 Minutes ago
8874 mralkhalifi MXC5MU7rMQ9*********** 0.030707 USD ✓27 Minutes ago
8873 aguser ltc1qfyu5qf47w************** 0.0205 USD ✓28 Minutes ago
8872 Jmbal12 Kateamm******* 0.24756 USD ✓29 Minutes ago
8871 keng364 TM5GF336mmZ*********** 0.26738 USD ✓32 Minutes ago
8870 Fokus ltc1qz69g6hejd************** 0.094048 USD ✓32 Minutes ago
8869 wolfred72 valera.gri********** 0.11726 USD ✓37 Minutes ago
8868 lucras lucrasu******* 0.020949 USD ✓44 Minutes ago
8867 zik3381 ME4b3dKots4*********** 0.103798 USD ✓49 Minutes ago
8866 SonDat minhbe05******** 0.061296 USD ✓52 Minutes ago
8865 Hana M9vrgS599rv*********** 0.032691 USD ✓53 Minutes ago
8864 Cobac MFf9i6AsuQM*********** 0.043945 USD ✓58 Minutes ago
8863 Shudhir ltc1qjw93du235************** 0.023414 USD ✓1 Hour, 1 Minute ago
8862 Dwamamon 14iG3TmL1Fb*********** 2 USD ✓1 Hour, 4 Minutes ago
8861 Bagau01 MSPiCXrJEEa*********** 0.101924 USD ✓1 Hour, 5 Minutes ago
8860 Tari2711 MWxXXTVXChT*********** 0.032827 USD ✓1 Hour, 6 Minutes ago
8859 Dididwi zuhrie****** 0.033004 USD ✓1 Hour, 6 Minutes ago
8858 Kidsana TR1Uwr4FFpY*********** 0.125367 USD ✓1 Hour, 16 Minutes ago
8857 berekettamas 1AjKtbNt4aj*********** 0.092701 USD ✓1 Hour, 23 Minutes ago
8856 Dedekche MBmMycwJPjQ*********** 0.043799 USD ✓1 Hour, 25 Minutes ago

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Is It Free?

It is completely free. we will never ask you to add funds or buy anything.

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, is available in every country for free.

Can I create multi accounts?

No, it is not allowed. Only 1 account per household is allowed.

Can I use VPN or Proxy?

No, it is not allowed to login or do anything using VPN or Proxy.